Experience the Virtual Reality Booths at Escape

At this year’s Escape: Psycho Circus, we’re putting you right in the heart of the action with the return of our virtual reality booth, which gives attending Headliners a full 360-degree VR live experience of the festival.

The VR activations—located in both general admission and VIP areas and hosting up to 10 running stations—will be fully outfitted with a powerful gaming computer, HTC Vive headset, controllers and lighthouse base stations, and a set of high-quality V-MODA headphones.

As soon as you activate the VR station, you’re instantly transported to one of the two mainstages at Escape—Slaughterhouse and Ghouls’ Graveyard—which will be equipped with a direct audio link and 360-degree cameras to capture live performances and place users in the DJ booth, right next to their favorite artists as they perform in real-time. Through the VR setup, you’ll experience what it’s like to be right up front at the stage and see the crowd, DJ, and amazing production in full 360-degree glory. Headliners will also experience a new level of interactivity, where they can control elements of their very own lightshow.

If you’re looking to have a little festival flashback, you can also opt to check out the VR experience for any of the Insomniac shows available at the activation, the best way to relive some of the best nights of your life or dive into a new festival world in an immersive, 360-degree adventure.

Step into the VR world and experience Escape: Psycho Circus like never before.

Author Insomniac Editorial Team