Halloween Story Time With Kayzo—and His Mom

We asked the mother of Hayden Capuozzo, aka Kayzo, to share a fond Halloween story from his childhood. It’s a heartwarming tale of a costume catastrophe and the tenacious mom who swoops in to save the day.


Most kids change their minds a hundred times as to what they want to be for Halloween. Not Hayden. Even at 3 years old, he had known for months what he’d be. Being the competitive kid that he was (is), he knew he was going to have the best costume at Mom’s Day Out and would surely rule the neighborhood on All Hallows’ Eve 1994. This would also be his first Halloween where he got to run up to the door with his friends while the parents waited at the end of the sidewalk. There was no doubt in his mind that this would be his moment to shine and introduce the world to Hayden—the Green Power Ranger.

Hayden felt it to the core—no other color would do. He was the Green Ranger. He never missed a show… we could record it on VHS so that he could relive his dream at most any time. He collected every Power Ranger toy known to man; I still have most of them. He even named his aunt’s cat Trini, because the cat was yellow. It didn’t matter that the cat was a boy. It was yellow. It was logic.

In the weeks before, Hayden and I searched Target, costume shops and magazines, trying to find the Green Ranger costume (Google and Amazon didn’t exist). No matter where we looked, no Green Ranger. I had no choice but to have one made just for him. We picked out the pattern and took it to the “Power Ranger Maker Lady,” and after two long, agonizing weeks, his costume was ready…

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Author Insomniac Editorial Team